City of Rocks pics

So, even after we filtered through the pics, we still ended up with almost 400. Here is the link for my google drive folder…


Mrs. B


What a great day!

Thank you everyone who helped make our trip to City of Rocks a success. I’ll get the pics that Mr. Bennett took uploaded to the site as soon as I can. Enjoy your weekend!

City of Rocks…it’s almost here!!!

Today I sent a letter home with each student that goes into greater detail about our city of rocks adventure.  Fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate! It was snowing there today, but the forecast says that it will be cold but clear on Friday. We will be doing some light hiking as well.

I have the following parents scheduled to drive:

Kearl – 3 students

Perrin – 3 students

Ward – 5 students

Webster – 4 students

Bowles – 2 students

Merrill – 6 students

O’Brien – 2 students

Painter – 2 students

Prescott – 3 students

Sorenson – 5 students

Pyle – 2 students

Weeks – 3 students

Hafen – ? students

We have plenty of drivers! Usually I would try and cut this list down, but it is a long drive and its probably better that we are not all packed in like sardines! If you have had a change of plans, please let me know ASAP! We may even be able to combine a few groups into one vehicle if you want to carpool. All Students and drivers should be at the school by 7:30 in my classroom.


The following students have ordered a school lunch. If your child’s name is not on this list, they need to bring a sack lunch from home.  PLEASE send your child with healthy snacks. It’s going to be a long day…

Ben Davidson

Jonas Flynn

Kenneth Riding

Cara Schenevar

Stephanie Webster

Lucy Wells

Amber Compton

Emma Merkley

Jac Miskin

Camille Painter

Nataysia Thompson

Zac Weeks


Expert visit

Today students had the opportunity to get some expert advice on drawing pigeons! We are studying the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon right now, and students will be creating an illustration to accompany a poem that they wrote.

Local artist Colette Bradford spent some time in our classroom to do an art workshop on drawing birds. She has some wonderful, kid-friendly methods that she shared with us! Thank you Colette!

City of Rocks

Hi everyone!

You student should have brought home a permission slip for city of rocks. It has been brought to my attention that there are 2 different dates on the form. We are going on October 12.

Also, please note that for many reasons there can be no siblings on this fieldwork. If you don’t have someone to watch your other kids, then this fieldwork isn’t one you should sign up for. Sorry. There can be no exceptions.

This is a super fun fieldwork, as well as a challenging one.

Where did this week go?

It has been a very busy week! We’ve started our science curriculum and worked on classifying living and non living things. Students also began working on Poetry has also been a focus this week as we learned the meanings of verse and stanza. Today they took their first vocabulary test, and they were given their words for next week. Lastly, your student should have brought home a letter regarding their reading levels. Here are a few pics from the week…


Hello! Today your student was given their login information to take home, so please check their backpack. Students should be doing at least 20 minutes per week at home. This is a worthwhile program that we need to met the usage requirements to keep. We work on it during our computer time, but that is not enough. Please help your student be responsible for their learning and encourage Lexia use at home.


Hi everybody!

Just a few friendly reminders about tomorrow. Students should wear fieldwork attire. Please no shorts. I hiked the trail over the weekend and it’s a nice hike. However some spots are narrow and I don’t want anyone getting their legs cut up. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent should be applied at home. Please make sure your student has a water bottle or a hydration pack. Students may bring hats and sunglasses if they want.

We want to leave by 8:45 and we will be hiking very first thing.

If your student missed back to school night, retakes are first thing in the morning. Have your child wear their polo shirt and they can change as soon as their done. I think I only had 2 students who this applies to. See you all in the morning!

Mrs. B