Great Day out at the Golden Spike!

Thank you to everyone who helped transport students out to the Golden Spike today.  That was such a fun learning experience for the kids! I will try and post the photos on this site sometime this weekend.

Just a heads up….

We have extended the due date for the calendar costumes to March 15th.  Letters were sent home on Monday. If you haven’t seen it, check your kiddo’s backpack. Let me know if you have questions!!!!! I am more than happy to help you if you need ideas.

It’s Fieldwork Time Again!

On Friday, March 8th, our class will be visiting the Golden Spike National Monument.  This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Image result for golden spike national historic site

Railroad. What a great time to learn about it for our spring Expedition!  I will need parent volunteers to drive students.  Please let me know if you can help us out.  Fieldwork forms will be sent home today with your kiddos.


More drivers needed!

Good Morning,

Thanks for helping your student make sure they got their permission slips turned in for snowshoeing on Monday afternoon. I only have enough drivers for 19 of the 27 students that are going.  If you can help transport students, please let me know.  We will leave the school at 11:30 at be back by 2:45.  Thank you!

Simple machines and force and motion

Over the last week, we have been working on our science topics. We have learned about simple machines such as levers, pulleys, and inclined planes. We also learned about gravity, inertia, and force. To solidify these concepts, we had a couple of days to do some hands on activities.

Roller coaster day!

Students used pipe insulation and marbles to experiment with gravity and inertia to create their own rollercoasters. We had some pretty amazing designs.

Catapult day!!

Today the kiddos used rubber bands and craft sticks to make their own catapults. Their creation had to include a lever and a fulcrum. We ended by having a “punkin’ chunkin” contest (we used tape balls). Thanks Michelle Flynn and Kristi Bowles for helping with the madness!

Vocabulary Test on Friday

Good Morning!

On Friday, we will be having a vocabulary test.  The students copied the words from the board, but I am posting them here so they can practice at home. The words are related to force and motion. This week we are studying simple machines. Please help your student learn them. The link for the list is below. Please excuse my crooked writing, straight lines are not my strong point.


Celebration of Learning

20190108_151521.jpgCan someone please explain to me how it is Celebration of Learning time already?  Didn’t school just start 2 weeks ago?  Holy Cow!!!!

This invitation should have come home with your student today. If not, here it is (sorry about the glare). We will be having a Beatnik Cafe where the students will be sharing their poetry and artwork with you that they have worked so hard on.  Light snacks will be served.

I am in need of some parent volunteers to help with the following activities:

  • Set up and/or take down
  • Serving Food (we will be feeding about 100 people)
  • Providing Rice Krispy treats (store-bought and individually wrapped).
  • Providing battery operated candles (these will be returned to you) in either a tea light size or a taller candle size is fine.  They will be for our centerpieces.


I will be purchasing meat and cheese trays from Smiths, so I have that covered.  Please let me know if you can help us!  Thank you for being such supportive parents.