Recent Happenings in Mrs. Bennett’s Class

I have been so terrible lately about getting my class blog updated in a timely manner. Sorry about that, I will try to do better.

Last week we had an expert visit from the Ogden Nature Center.  They brought 2 owls and a Peregrine Falcon. This was such a great experience for the students because we have been studying the Peregrine Falcon for the last few weeks and they just finished an informational paragraph and an art piece about it. Here are a few pictures for you:


Students are now working on an informational essay about a Utah endangered species, and will also be doing artwork to accompany it as well. Celebration of Learning is creeping up on us fast. It will be January 17th.

Intensives begin on Monday! We will be studying weather, the tools that are used to predict it, and creating weather forecasts as a group project.  We are also knitting hats on a loom, so please have your student bring a skein of yarn if possible.  I will try to have some extra on hand just in case.

Lastly, on Friday the 21st we will be watching a Christmas movie as a class.  After voting on several choices, the students chose to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (not the animated one, the one with Jim Carrey). It is rated PG. Students can bring a pillow, blanket, and a small stuffed animal that day if they would like.

Image result for The grinch that stole christmas jim carrey


Welcome Back


Hopefully everyone has recovered from their “turkey comas” and are enjoying being back to the regular routine.  This week, students will be completing their paragraph about the Peregrine Falcon and also beginning a high quality art piece to accompany it. This may take most of the week, but I want them to do their best work and not feel rushed. I also gave out spelling lists yesterday and we will have a test on friday.

For science we will also be studying the water cycle, which we will begin tomorrow. Please continue to encourage your student to spend a few minutes on Lexia at home each week as well. Thanks for all you do to support your kiddos at home in their learning.

Mrs. B

We’re Baaacccckkk!!!!


yellow dry maple
Photo by Kadri Vosumae on

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break and got some much-needed rest.  We are jumping back into the swing of things this week. Today, your student received a spelling list and a sight word list.  The spelling test will be on Friday.  Students can pass off their sight words to myself or Ms. Kenzie when they are ready. In order to pass off a sight word, it must be read and spoken instantly without hesitation.

In other exciting news, we will FINALLY be having our Rock Fair on Monday the 29th. Please don’t send rocks to school before then.  Students may bring any kind of rock, mineral, crystal or fossil to share with the class.  This week, in preparation for our Rock Fair we will study the rock cycle as well as Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic Rocks. We worked with Sedimentary Rocks today, so ask your child to tell you about them!


City of Rocks…it’s almost here!!!

Today I sent a letter home with each student that goes into greater detail about our city of rocks adventure.  Fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate! It was snowing there today, but the forecast says that it will be cold but clear on Friday. We will be doing some light hiking as well.

I have the following parents scheduled to drive:

Kearl – 3 students

Perrin – 3 students

Ward – 5 students

Webster – 4 students

Bowles – 2 students

Merrill – 6 students

O’Brien – 2 students

Painter – 2 students

Prescott – 3 students

Sorenson – 5 students

Pyle – 2 students

Weeks – 3 students

Hafen – ? students

We have plenty of drivers! Usually I would try and cut this list down, but it is a long drive and its probably better that we are not all packed in like sardines! If you have had a change of plans, please let me know ASAP! We may even be able to combine a few groups into one vehicle if you want to carpool. All Students and drivers should be at the school by 7:30 in my classroom.


The following students have ordered a school lunch. If your child’s name is not on this list, they need to bring a sack lunch from home.  PLEASE send your child with healthy snacks. It’s going to be a long day…

Ben Davidson

Jonas Flynn

Kenneth Riding

Cara Schenevar

Stephanie Webster

Lucy Wells

Amber Compton

Emma Merkley

Jac Miskin

Camille Painter

Nataysia Thompson

Zac Weeks


Expert visit

Today students had the opportunity to get some expert advice on drawing pigeons! We are studying the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon right now, and students will be creating an illustration to accompany a poem that they wrote.

Local artist Colette Bradford spent some time in our classroom to do an art workshop on drawing birds. She has some wonderful, kid-friendly methods that she shared with us! Thank you Colette!